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Adriaan Louw

Senior Associate

Project Management

With over 28 years of diverse international experience across New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa, Adriaan is a highly experienced Senior Project Manager adept at managing high-value projects. His expertise spans an extensive range of projects, including hospitals, airport cargo terminals, commercial developments, retail malls, stadia, bridges, warehouses, and hotels.

Having operated in both capacities as head contractor and consultant, Adriaan possesses a comprehensive skill set to oversee all aspects of the project lifecycle, from early planning and design to tendering and project delivery. Adriaan is renowned for building strong professional relationships, fostering an environment of productivity, and ensuring client satisfaction. His proven track record speaks volumes, showcasing proficiency in budgeting, planning, designing, tendering, and executing complex construction projects with efficiency.

Adriaan’s strength lies in understanding client needs and optimising resources to ensure the successful delivery of projects. Additionally, his interpersonal skills and key focus on teamwork underpin his ability to lead highly effective teams.


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