Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

The purpose of this privacy statement is to let you (as a user of our website) know when Frequency may collect your personal information and what we do with it. At Frequency, we take our privacy obligations very seriously. In the course of your dealings with Frequency, you may entrust us with sensitive information.  If you do, we will protect this information as if it was our own. Our internal privacy policy sets out the general principles that guide and govern our collection, use, storage, and disclosure of all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

This privacy statement provides information which, as a user of our website, you may wish to be aware of.  If you would like a full copy of our privacy policy please contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected]

If you enter personal data when you use our website (such as your name, email address etc), that data may be collected by us.  This personal data is covered by Frequency’s privacy policy.

We will only use personal information provided to us via our website for the purpose of:

  • Administering, evaluating and improving our website;

  • Improving our services to you and our other customers and stakeholders;

  • Responding to your feedback and information provided in forms and surveys (if any);

  • Conducting user research if you registered to participate.

Sometimes, data may be automatically collected by our website via cookies or trackers. This data includes things like the date and time of your website visit, your IP address, the type of browser you used, your operating system and system configuration data. Collecting data like this is common and helps us make sure we are meeting the needs of our website users.

When a user visits our website, a cookie may be placed on their computer. This makes it easier for that user to visit our website in future, as the user’s machine will ‘read’ the cookie upon each subsequent visit to our site.  Frequency does not use this technology to access any other personal information of users.  We also confirm that a user cannot be identified from a cookie.

We assure you that we will not disclose any personal data provided as part of your interaction with our website in a way that is not permitted under the Privacy Act 2020. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact us at [email protected]