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Adriaan Louw
Adriaan LouwExecutive Associate

Adriaan is an experienced Executive Associate, with 27 years of extensive international experience on high value projects in New Zealand, Middle East and Africa.  His portfolio of projects extend across commercial, retail malls, stadia, bridges, warehouses, apartments and hotels.  He is skilled at managing all aspects of the project from early planning, design, tendering through project delivery, he has worked as both head contractor and consultant.  He has a proven track record of budgeting, planning, designing, tendering, and delivering a range of complex construction projects efficiently.

I enjoy challenges, design & build. When designers and contractors work together the outcome is always a more efficient and buildable project.  I enjoy looking into where precast elements or modular systems can be used on projects that can improve on safety, quality and time.  Get it right the first time is always a good feeling.

I am an outdoor person who grew up with farming and wildlife.  I am passionate about golf, rugby and mountain biking.  I enjoy the competitive, social and relaxed environment that comes with sport.  I am a passionate weekend cook that experiments with different dishing on my charcoal grill.