PREQUAL Tōtika Scheme prequalification renewed – 90% overall score

A culture of safety is critical to our industry and the way we do things at Frequency. The construction sector carries many hard earned lessons and Frequency strives for continuous improvement in embedding a safety culture for ourselves and the industry. We believe that good project management goes hand in hand with good safety management. To undertake construction safely requires well trained people, working with the right equipment, and working to a well thought out plan that is properly briefed and communicated. This is key to safety outcomes, but it is also key to the good management of projects and businesses.

Frequency is a PREQUAL Tōtika organisation which confirms that our health and safety policies, practices, and procedures have been independently assessed. To that end we are delighted to announce that Frequency has been awarded a score of 90%, placing us in the top 5% of organisations holding Tōtika certification.

“No task is so important, or action so urgent so as to preclude doing it safely.” – Tim Palin