A new code of practice for port employees

Maintaining equipment can be a hazardous task. Last year in New Zealand, 5 people were killed by moving machinery, and 552 people sustained injuries requiring more than a week off work.

Frequency is proud to have partnered with CentrePort Ltd to develop and release a new code of practice for port employees called ‘Lock Out, Tag Out’ (LOTO).

LOTO is a process of physically preventing the restart of a system while maintenance is being carried out, in a way that can’t be removed without a key. It’s also a visible warning sign for others that there is danger in operating or restarting a piece of equipment while it’s being worked on.

CentrePort’s core values around safety drive them to ensure they have consistent and best practice measures across all their operations, and we are proud to have developed LOTO in collaboration with them.

This week we began the process of ‘training the trainers’ who will in turn empower CentrePort Ltd employees to use this process.