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Dylan Workman
Dylan WorkmanPartner

Dylan is a highly experienced Project Manager who currently heads Frequency’s operations in the central North Island.

He comes from a banking and architectural design background giving him the unique ability to marry together both design and cost. Six years working on design and build projects has also given him a strong understanding of construction and programming. He has extensive experience working on schools and fast-tracked projects. These experiences have afforded him a keen awareness about the importance of continual stakeholder engagement over a project’s lifecycle in ensuring a project’s success.

Dylan has a calm and professional manner which enables him to engender a strong team ethic and clear lines of communication on projects.

First and foremost, what drives me, is delivering the outcomes our clients seek. If I can help achieve this then the success of our clients, our project teams and Frequency will not be far behind. I derive great satisfaction from spending time to understand the project goals and then being able to develop a plan to achieve them with a passionate and committed team. I also believe there is vast potential to improve the way that we do things in our industry, which can only improve the success of our projects and increase efficiency which will benefit both our clients and project teams.

I like to spend as much time as I can with my young family and enjoy expeditions into the many and varied opportunities that outdoors NZ has to offer. I am especially keen on football, fishing, hunting and skiing and will take any opportunity that I have to partake in one of these activities.