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Spark Bulk Minor and Sparksafe Work Programmes

Service: Asset Management

Client: Spark

Dates:  July 2016 – Ongoing

Project Location: Various

The Bulk Minor Work Programme comprises upgrade and asset management works across Spark’s Exchange and Radio Network sites across the breadth of New Zealand.Frequency provides project management services from initiation to project close out including the purchasing of Spark supplied plant and equipment for each project.

We predominantly focus on work within the exchange and radio site spaces delivering projects aimed to;

  • Meet exchange electrical and cooling capacity supply and demand, both current and future,
  • Heat and cool people spaces,
  • Supply capacity and manage lifecycle replacement of both DC and UPS batteries, their reliant components and supporting systems, and meet building compliance and building code requirements such as fire systems and lighting upgrade projects.

We also manage the delivery of a compliance and risk mitigation programme known as “Sparksafe”. The FY17 and FY18 programme comprises initiatives that address Confined Space, Work at Height and Signage related risks. Sparksafe also encompasses the management of asbestos remediation projects.