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Wellington Harbour Deepening

Service: Commercial

Client: CentrePort Limited

Date: 2016

Project Location: Wellington

Frequency was approached back in January 2016 by CentrePort to assist with one of their critical projects. The project was to investigate, design and submit resource consent for an option to deepening the shipping channel in the Wellington Harbour entrance.

The project is one of many that CentrePort is pursuing to ensure it stays competitive and give themselves all the opportunities to capitalise on the growth of the shipping market and the larger vessels that is becoming the norm.

Frequency’s role on the project was to provide Risk Management Advice and provide a Quantitative Risk Analysis for the project stage, to assist in determining the amount of contingency funding that was likely to be required for the project.

Key Challenges:

  • Ensuring that the project team was familiar with the process around developing a QRA model to ensure that probabilities were reflective of the risks associated with the various elements of the project. This was overcome but running an introduction to QRA and the process that is followed to all participants at the same footing.
  • Obtain “raw” cost data for the modelling without any perceived risk allocation within the rates. Working with the teams to establish hours worked and what the real effort was to complete the tasks remaining. This established a baseline that could be used for modelling purposes.

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