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CRL Property Acquisition

Service: Property & Planning

Client: Auckland Transport

Dates: Ongoing

Project Location: Auckland

Frequency provide a specialist advisory service to Auckland Transport to support the rather unique and complex programme for the acquisition of privately owned subterranean land and compensation for subterranean land subject to a restrictive covenant.

This involves the management and coordination of a set of mutually dependent consultants, from geotechnical and structural engineers, surveyors, valuers, town planners and negotiators to progress a negotiation to settlement. This role requires an understanding of the interaction between the engineering and property disciplines, and an ability to identify issues, and manage a programme to prevent a delay in one part of the programme, costing the project elsewhere.

This role also includes working with the communications team, graphic designers and printers on the collation and presentation of this expert advice in a package of information that is understandable to the private landowner and commensurate with the branding and vision of the CRL project as a whole.

This information is then presented to the private landowner in person. A key challenge is communicating the suite of expert advice in a way that is understandable to the landowner and informs them of the transparent, logical process followed to establish the compensation offer which is reflective of the individual circumstances of their property.