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North Island Fibre Optic Transfer System (NIFOTS)

Sector: Telecommunications

Client: KiwiRail

Date: 2011

Project Location: Auckland & Wellington

Frequency Role: Project Manager

As part of the electrification of the Auckland rail network, KiwiRail required a dedicated and secure communications and data link between the metro network signals in Auckland and Central Train Control in Wellington. With contractual access rights to 4 existing fibres located in the rail corridor, KiwiRail requested Frequency to investigate and procure options for the establishment of a commercial grade communications network between these 2 main centres using the existing fibre.The system design required a combination of separation and security for the metro signals and the bandwidth capacity required for the general ICT and communications usage with high levels of reliability.

Frequency worked with Agile to incorporate a network design using innovative and cost effective technology that provided KiwiRail with the security, capacity and service levels required of a train control network that also provided wider benefits to the organisation. The design was approved by multiple KiwiRail stakeholders including ICT, Signals and the Electrification project technical team.

Frequency then worked with Agile and KiwiRail to construct the network down the length of the North Island. These works involved the installation of multiple repeater stations, some of which required property and access rights to be negotiated. The project was completed within budget and on time to allow the successful commissioning of the new Auckland metro network signals system.