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“I was wholly aware of just how complex the programme and challenge there were. There was a lot of moving parts and this took really strong collaboration from all parties. At full run rate there was eight separate pieces of work on the go, and with losing out and starting of the next tranche, there was a lot of balls in the air”


Stuart Armstrong
ASB Programme Manager

ASB Bank ATM Rollout

Sector: FMCG, Retail & Logistics

Client: ASB Bank

Dates: May 2018 – February 2019

Project Location: North Island, NZ

Frequency Role: Project Manager

Frequency were part of a team that project managed the roll-out of 284 new ATM’s nationwide for ASB Bank. The new machines don’t allow anonymous deposits to be made safeguarding ASB against money laundering. New software also allows for the future proofing of ATM use.

The machines needed to be installed with minimal disruption, keeping within a tight time frame and insuring security was tight! There were multiple alarm systems to deal with at each location. Power, data and security alarm cables were installed on each machine and CCTV cameras were adjusted. Each bank also required the co-ordination of on-site joinery with the new equipment.

Success factors:

• Teamwork. A high level of communication and co-ordination was maintained on each project between the contractors, ASB’s project team, the branches and several sub-contractors including installation and security personnel.

• Carrying out work after hours and during weekends.

• Using two different contractors so the work could be carried out on multiple sites at one time.

• Developing a system that could replicate processes within each bank and make each project easier for the stakeholders involved.

• ASB has met their AML goals of no anonymous deposits received at ASB.

• The new ATMs are taking nearly 60% more cash month on month.

• ASB branch staff have achieved over 50% of cheque deposit migration to ATMs – no other NZ bank is close to achieving this after 3 to 4 years of having cheque depositing at ATMs in place.