Frequency guest lecture at Massey University

One of the things Frequency is most proud of is that we don’t just talk about giving back to the construction industry – we take steps to make sure it happens.

This includes training and sharing our knowledge with the next generation of young, talented Engineering and Project professionals entering the industry.

We have a long-running association with several Universities, including the Massey University School of the Built Environment, which allows Frequency the opportunity to give guest lectures several times a year to undergraduate students. Most recently, Partner and Project Management Specialist at Frequency, Tim Palin, spent the afternoon at Massey University in the capacity of a visiting professional lecturer.

Tim talked about a range of topics over the course of two hours, bringing his perspective of over 15 years’ practical experience in the industry. These included schedule and cost management within a project, impacts of variation and delay, and an entertaining real-life case study to illustrate how theoretical knowledge can be applied in an everyday situation.

Thanks Tim for an insightful and engaging afternoon!