New accommodation facility in remote Milford Sound

We are pleased to announce that our Southern Team have started as project managers on a new accommodation facility for Southern Discoveries in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – Milford Sound. This facility will provide a long-term place for staff that are working in Milford Sound to stay, reducing the need for them to travel from Te Anau every day.

Due to the project’s unique location it has a number of complexities that will require a great deal of planning, including;

Land development challenges
The land is owned by The Department of Conservation which imposes strict design guidelines on any building. There will be stringent environmental strategies governing the project.

Weather challenges
It rains in Milford Sound for 270 days of the year on average.

Construction challenges
As well as trying to get all materials and machinery to site through the entrance tunnel that does not allow large vehicles there is also the problem of trying to accommodate the construction workers in a place with very little accommodation. Additionally, there is currently no contractor in the area.

Seismic challenges
Milford Sound lies at the southern end of the Alpine fault that extends the length of the Southern Alps and now has one of the longest continuous earthquake records of any plate boundary fault in the world. The building will be built to a high seismic rating.

The complexities here are compounded as it will also sit on a Flood Zone Risk on reclaimed land that has been lifted by two meters.

Design for the project started in August.

These photos were taken by Project Director Luke Clark on his journey to “work” last week.

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