Back from the Bahamas

Jenna Merrick is back from the Bahamas after spending the last couple of weeks at the Youth Commonwealth Games.

Below, Jenna reflects back on this exceptional trip:

“It was one of the most significant experiences in my life so far. First of all the racing was very different to back home, the temperature sat at 33ºC or hotter with high humidity, I also raced a completely new group of girls who I had never raced with before. I placed 4th in the time trial and 7th in the road race, but most importantly the racing gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as a young rider. The team NZ environment was another significant part of the trip, it was second to none with support and the strength of new friendships I made with a range of people. It was inspiring watching my new friends ripping it up in their own sports, and pushing me to do the same.

Thank you to everyone who donated money through the isport page, to Frequency, Apartment Specialists, and Contaminated Site Solutions also for their financial support which got me halfway around the world and covered other costs in order to race.”

Jenna is excited to continue training and racing and we wish her all the best. What great achievements she has made!

For more information on Jenna Merrick, visit to her website here and follow her on Instagram @jennamerrick

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